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Threads Promoitalia

"Beauty Formula" was one of the first clinics in Kaliningrad, which offers patients a new revolutionary technology – nylo-lactone self-absorbable threads with notches for soft tissue lifting - Dermafill Happy Lift. These threads are manufactured in Italy by Promoitalia and already recognized by ministries of health in more than 90 countries, including Russia, they are fundamentally different from their previous analogues. First of all, the fact that lifting using threads Dermafill Happy Lift is comparable to the effect of surgical tightening! But an excellent result achieved in just 30-40 minutes without incisions, anesthesia and scars! According to experts, the result of treadlift depends not only on the skill of the doctor-cosmetician, but also on the quality of threads used by him. Everything has the value - the strength of the material they are made from, its effect on the structure of skin, the size and angle of the incisions, the spacing between them, the length and maneuverability of the thread, etc. Threads Dermafill Happy Lift - the most advanced and safe of all existing threads for lifting of tissue. Threads Promoitalia in Kaliningrad Design and creation of threads Dermafill Happy Lift became possible due to fundamental research in recent years. According to the president Promoitalia Group Valerio Matano, the development of new technologies are conducted in their own laboratory, and production takes place in our own factory in Italy. New nylo-lactone threads have international certificates, attesting the conformity of products to medical standards. The effect of non-surgical plastic is achieved through the special design of threads. Designed in the form of "Christmas trees" with a very small, almost invisible notches ( "teeth"), these threads when injected under the skin are attached using the "teeth" to the soft tissues and thus form a supporting frame, tightening facial contours. Notches prevent displacement of tissues and threads to other zones. With the introduction of threads Dermafill Happy Lift under local anesthesia in the area of the face, neck, body, the doctor immediately generates beautiful new contours that for one procedure will make you 10-15 years younger. The special thread structure allows to receive instant lifting effect and keep it for a long time - from 3 to 5 years. You can see how rejuvenated you are immediately after the procedure. With Dermafill Happy Lift threads is possible completely get rid of deep nasolabial and chin-buccal wrinkles, to raise the eyebrows, to eliminate double-chin and folds on the neck, to harmonize a face oval and clearly outline the chin. The main component of Dermafill Happy Lift threads – nylo-lactone – a suture material used in surgery more than 50 years, which over time is completely absorbed in the body and excreted out of it naturally. During the production of threads a double cross nylo- polymerization technology “Double R2” is performed. Thanks to it, the skin is completely renewed due to the formation of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Introduction of Dermafill Happy Lift threads is one of the safest lifting methods. There is no surgery, so no scars on the skin. The threads are introduced to a depth of 3-5 mm, in this way excluding the possibility of damage to the major blood vessels and nerve endings. Facial expression is fully preserved. The recovery process comes very quickly, as there is no serious injury to tissues. To obtain sufficient effect introduction of 1- 3 threads per zone is enough. Although there are 6 threads in the package, each thread separately sealed and fully sterile – that is why the use Dermafill Happy Lift thread is convenient and financially advantageous.

Range of threads Dermafill Happy Lift

There is a whole range of threads Dermafill Happy Lift. The threads of different lengths and desired direction with notches established for each of the areas of the face. Combining these or other embodiments, the doctor can create optimal scheme of circuit of threads for each patient, thus solving many problems associated with ptosis of soft tissue. Boca threads are designed for lip augmentation Boca thread - the ideal solution for those who want to increase the volume of lips safely and for a long time. Production of this thread technology includes double transverse process of polymerization of nylo-lactone, which provides a longer and better lip volume correction effect. At the same time, a setting of Boca thread allows to avoid many undesirable problems, such as the effect of pumped lips. Setting of Boca thread is a guarantee that the lips will become clear, beautiful and at the same time natural contours. No one ever thinks that the shape of lips has been adjusted. In addition to making a natural volume, Boca threads can reduce so-called smoker’s wrinkles. And all this with minimal impact, in a single session under local anesthesia! Double Needle thread was created to correct the shape of eyebrows and chin. This bi-directional thread with convergent notches quickly, with minimal intervention allows us to achieve absolute symmetry in the correction of eyebrows and chin line. This is due to atraumatic needles attached to both ends of the thread, which can be introduced simultaneously.
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Advantages of the threadlift with Dermafill Happy Lift:

- The safest and most effective form of lifting; - Does not require anesthesia (local anesthesia is used for the procedure); - Biodegradability (a few months after the introduction the thread is completely absorbed and does not remain in the tissues as a foreign matter); - The thread does not only tighten the face, but also significantly improve the quality of skin (after introduction of thread the skin is tightened, compacted, smoothed and becomes radiant); - The thread prevents aging by slowing the passage of time; -Fully eliminate nasolabial and chin-cheek wrinkles, tighten the neck, adjust the chin contour, lift the eyebrows without use of traditional lifting techniques.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How it is provided the safe introduction of threads? A: At one time non-absorbable threads were very popular, they provided a very good lifting effect, but always remained in the tissues. Removas of these threads was possible only surgically. Today science has leaped far forward. All Dermafill Happy Lift threads are made of non-allergenic nylo-lactone - surgical suture material, which in 12-15 months after the introduction is completely absorbed in the body. Then it leaves by metabolism processes without remainder. The threads have all the necessary certificates, guaranteeing product quality due to standardized production process, which includes sterilization and packaging. Q: Does that mean that after the absorption of threads lifting effect disappears? A: No way! The threads while they are in the tissues, they form a supporting skeleton. As a rule, a lifting effect after introduction of Dermafill Happy Lift threads lasts three years, but depending on the characteristics of the body, it can reach 5 and 6 years. Q:Is the result noticeable immediately after the procedure? A: Yes, immediately after the procedure, looking in the mirror, you will see how to transformed your features. The maximum effect is achieved within 2-3 weeks after the procedure. Q: How much the thread is changing facial features? A: Threads harmonize, tighten the line, "wash" of decades from the face, they do not in any way alter the natural data. Q: Does the procedure leave scars on the face? A: The introduction of the threads does not leave any scars and marks on the face. Q: How the introduction of threads is performed? A: The threads are introduced to various areas of the face by atraumatic needle-conductors. Prior to their introduction, the patient gets local anesthesia. It is fast and very effective, so that the patient will not feel any pain when the thread will be introduced. Q: How many threads is needed to introduce and how many sessions? A:To correct one zone it takes an average of one to three threads, but each patient's doctor selects the optimal number of threads for the most pronounced result. The procedure is performed only once. Q: How long rehabilitation period and whether a special control regime is needed after setting of threads? A: Rehabilitation after the procedure lasts several days. At the same time setting the threads does not make to change the usual business schedule. But it will be necessary to abstain from intense exercises for a couple of weeks. Q: Is it possible to combine the setting of Dermafill Happy Lift threads with other anti-aging treatments? A: The introduction of these threads may be combined with other cosmetic procedures, such as laser and radiofrequency rejuvenation, the introduction of hyaluronic acid fillers and Botox.
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