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Threads APTOS in Kaliningrad

Every one of us at any age wants to look attractive, but time inevitably leaves traces on the face and body. When the signs of aging appear, not all are willing to go under the surgeon's knife. When plastic surgery scares or can not be executed due to other reasons, a threadlifting — comes to the rescue - low-traumatic, painless, non-invasive method of facial tightening with absorbable threads that are introduced by subcutaneously using a needle-conductor. For the procedure of threadlifting of the face and body the specialists of our clinic use threads APTOS , which are registered and clinically tested in Russia. Over the past 10 years threadlifting APTOS proved its high effectiveness. Нити Аптос в Калининграде

Features of threads APTOS

The uniqueness of the method APTOS — a special thread structure. Along the entire length of the thread there are multidirectional micro-notches that allow them safely consolidate and hold the soft tissue in a certain position. In addition, threads are made from nylo-lack, which contains L-lactic (polylactic) acid. Dissolving in the tissues, it has the additional effect of revitalizing, it activates the renewal of skin cells, thereby significantly slowing down the aging process. After 1-3 months after introduction of the APTOS threads, soft tissue begins to form its own new frame of connective tissue, which provides elasticity and lifting. Formation of connective-tissue frame continues throughout the resorption process of APTOS threads (average 1-1.5 years), and then formed connective framework continues to operate another 2-3 years. Рассасывающиеся нити Аптос в Калининграде

Threads of the last generation. Indications for the procedure.

For the procedure APTOS threadlifting of the face and body specialists in our clinic use several types of threads of the latest generation Aptos Excellance Vissage and Aptos Excellance Elegance, as well as a series of threads Light Lift ( Thread 2G,Needle 2G). The threads  Excellance  have an entirely new structure in the form of changes in the thickness of the notches, their location along the thread and the angle of their application. Due to these changes the threads are more durable and can be introduced in areas of the face and body with a very light and thin skin.
  • Aptos Excellance Vissage — absorbable sutures with notches for revitalization, fast and efficient lifting of the flabby, pendulous buccal-cheek, submandibular areas, the eyebrows and neck . The threads have a special configuration of notches which are disposed against each other in a spiral along the entire length.
  • Aptos Excellance Elegance — absorbable threads with notches for lifting of soft tissues of the face, neck, tummy, inner surface of arms and thighs. Threadlift Elegance allows to reinforce and effectively correct the age-related changes of soft tissues.
  • Threads Light Lift Thread 2G - thread with notches attached to paired needles.The peculiarity of this type of threads is that due to the inflection point of a single thread is created fixation that excludes the possibility of sliding of thread and provides a reliable lifting.
  • Aptos Needle 2G - feature of this thread is that Needle 2G have been designed specifically for the correction of the chin area of the face. Threads Aptos Needle 2G made possible the creation of "a thread hammock" allowing to achieve pronounced lifting effect of the lower third of the face and neck.

Procedure of the threadlift of the face APTOS

In our clinic procedure of threadlift APTOS is conducted on the ambulatory basis, under local anesthesia. The thread is placed in the mini-cannula with atraumatic tip and when introduced it stratifies tissues without damaging them. The thread runs in the subcutaneous fat layer, where there are no large blood vessels and major nerves, so the risk of damage is to a minimum. Already at the time of the introduction of the thread doctor begins to simulate an oval face. considering the nature of the structure, APTOS threads are not displaced into the neighboring area. The procedure lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. No skin cuts, only marks of injections are noticeable, which heal quickly enough and do not leave traces. The increased length of the thread allows to inject on the border with the hair, so that even immediately after the procedure the injection marks are practically invisible. Number of threads introduced is determined by a doctor depending on the initial state of the skin and the reinforcement zone. After the procedure rehabilitation period lasts an average of 5-7 days: the initial swelling and hematomas leave in average 1-4 days, then swelling and subjective sense of tingling fade gradually disappear, hematomas dissolve. The effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure. However, the final result of the threadlifting should be evaluated after 2 weeks, when the skin and subcutaneous tissue adapt to the new conditions. After 2 months a frame of the young connective tissue forms around the thread that provides skin tightening. After the procedure it is recommended for 2-3 weeks to refrain from any sudden movements and facial massage. Long-lasting effect of the procedure lasts on average 2-3 years. IMPORTANT!!! For a lasting effect of rejuvenation the threadlifting APTOS can be combined with any other anti-aging procedures (3D mesothreads, peeling, injections of hyaluronic acid, the introduction of botox, photo- and laser procedures, etc.). Преимущества нитевого лифтинга Аптос

Advantages of the threadlift APTOS

  • The diversity of types and forms of threads allows precisely and effectively fight with a ptosis of certain areas of the face and body.
  • By the simplicity of the procedure it is similar to traditional injections in cosmetology, but by the visible effect of rejuvenation - to surgical tissue tightening.
According to our patients who have undergone the procedure of the threadlifting APTOS - it is an opportunity to do a facelift, without resorting to the services of plastic surgeons. APTOS methods are effective to achieve visible results for women and men of different ages, do not leave scars, help eliminate flabby skin and slow the aging process. Do not miss the opportunity to stay young! Contraindications for the procedure:
  • acute infectious diseases
  • oncology
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • disorders of blood clotting process
  • pregnancy and lactation
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