The Beauty Formula

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Dear guests, I am pleased to welcome you on the official web-site of the image laboratory “Beauty Formula”. Our project – a new chapter in the beauty industry for Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region.

The common idea now about the status of own appearance and methods of its correction, implemented in many beauty salons, is superficial and, unfortunately, does not consider the impact of a huge variety of factors of internal environment, which ultimately determines the outward prosperity and attractiveness of each individual. Creation of image – a complex task that should be solved only basing on the results of laboratory medical diagnostics, which we implement in our practice. Only medical consultation of experienced dermatologists, physicians and nutritionists, in conjunction with the diagnostic data obtained in the course of a special examination using unique equipment will create a complete and, most important, individual appearance correction program for each client.

You will find in our arsenal ultra-modern methods and techniques of medical cosmetology, including all kinds of injections, oxy-mesotherapy, photo-epilation and skin rejuvenation, RF-lifting and removal of tumors, dermabrasion and physiotherapy of skin layers. Our doctors-cosmetologists have been working in the special offices equipped by the latest technology with known innovative premium line products – “ERICSON LABORATOIRE”, “YONKA” (France), “Dr. GRENDEL” (Germany), “MEDEX Bio Science Cosmetics” (Netherlands).

Formation of the perfect appearance is impossible without the hair care products. In our center you will find a modern hair salon, which employs a master designers and technologists of world-known companies – the Dutch “KEUNE” and American “SEXY HAIR”. The main focus of our work – not just a beautiful hairstyle, but also a hair treatment, creating an individual program of home care with the possibility of acquiring the necessary shampoos, serums, lotions and other necessary means.

We pay a great importance to the nail care techniques, offering the widest range of services in this segment of hard work on your image. From the strict forms and colors to the controversial decisions – all available in our nail bar and a special room for a SPA manicure and pedicure.

Correction of the figure – an integral part of a comprehensive approach to aesthetic problems. And here you are met by professionals – famous nutritionists, surgeons, acupuncturists, massage therapists, owning an unprecedented array of manual and hardware methods of exposure to excess body fat and body weight.We use a unique methodology – setting gold “needle”, myostimulation of the local zones and pressure therapy to achieve maximum lymph drainage effect.

Medical staff will perform for you any procedures, prescribed by the doctor. Intramuscular and intravenous injections of drugs, detoxification rate droppers, any program of “purification” of the body from allergens and toxins.

All medical procedures, including injectable cosmetic methods, cryo- and surgical removal of tumors on the skin, are held in a specially equipped premises within a surgical procedural operating mode. Individual and disposable instruments, consumables used in our practice, injectable cosmetic procedures in a sterile environment, ultra-modern disinfection systems make our center almost unique in Kalininrad area, fully relevant to both Russian and international safety standards and ensures full protection against HCV infection, AIDS and other dangerous infections.

The image laboratory “Beauty Formula” – the only institution of its format licensed for such medical activities (No.ЛО-39-01-000397 dated 30 September 2010.)


And finally – about the most pleasant. By visiting our center, you can not only find a new image, but also get a new quality of life, rest, enjoy the atmosphere of friendship, comfort and love. You can come for a relaxing massage, visit a modern vertical solarium, SPA procedures.

You relax and we work on your image. The highly qualified and friendly staff awaits for you. Be healthy and happy!

Irina Timofeyeva

Chief physician, dermatologist of the highest category, cosmetologist.