Hardware weight loss procedures

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LPGvacuum-roller massage - an effective hardware method of losing weight .As a result of this procedure is stimulation of fat cells, which leads to activation of lipolysis even in areas where there are "resistant" body fat, which in turn leads to weight loss. Вакуумный роликовый массаж как эффективное средство похудения.


  • Cellulite Treatment
  • Restoration of body shape after childbirth, drastic weight loss
  • Improving the tone and turgor of tissues. Lifting effect
  • Lymphatic drainage.
In order to lose weight and get a good result: It is important to conduct a full course of 10-12 procedures, 2 times a week. This is the only method recognized by plastic surgeons all over the world, as an alternative to liposuction for weight loss, cellulite and overweight treatment.

Hardware lipo-lifting massage with chromotherapy

Снижение веса методом аппаратной косметологии в Калининграде - липолифтинг с хроматерапией Advantages of lipo-lifting are that currents are not used and practically it has no contraindications. Profound impact on subcutaneous fat is enhanced under the influence of chromotherapy, which leads to weight loss.


  • excess local fat deposits
  • reduction in body tone
  • cellulitis
  • overweight
For getting a visible result it is needed to pass 10 procedures 2 times per week. Depending on the task it can be combined with manual techniques, wrapping or mesotherapy.

Hardware lymphatic drainage

The technique of lymphatic drainage hardware aimed at weight loss and has the following indications


  • fluid retention, edema
  • cellulitis
  • overweight
For getting a visible result it is needed to pass 6-10 procedures 2 times per week. To get this treatment of hardware cosmetology is possible in branches of the "Beauty Formula" in Kaliningrad. "Формула Красоты" в Калининграде.

Pressure therapy

Снижение веса методами аппаратной косметологии в Калининграде - прессотерапия Pressure therapy - a method of hardware cosmetology, based on the effect of the compressed air for weight loss. This lymphatic drainage technique is an excellent tool in the fight against cellulite, it eliminates stagnation of interstitial fluid in the subcutaneous fat. But the effect of the procedure does not end on it - it is a great way to improve venous circulation, it can help people suffering from varicose veins.


  • Weight loss (slimming)
  • swelling
  • varicose veins
It pursues a course of 10 procedures, 1 time per week . in the image laboratory "Beauty Formula" in Kaliningrad..


Похудение с пощью миостимуляции в Калининграде Electro-myostimulation is like gymnastics for the lazy – you do not move, but your muscles are working.


  • muscle weakness and skin
  • eliminate puffiness
  • cellulitis
  • overweight
  • improvement in vascular tone and skin nourishment
There are contraindications. Need expert advice.