Biolamination of eyelashes

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The image laboratory “Beauty Formula” in Kaliningrad presents a new method - biolamination of eyelashes, , which will make your eyelashes beautiful and healthy. After this procedure lashes look very natural, that is one of the differences from the lamination eyelash extensions. Another advantage of this technology is that after this procedure, the cilia become stronger and grow better. Laminating prolongs the cilia hairs and feeds them, and nourishes with beneficial trace elements. After this procedure, the cilia do not disappear and do not change shape after sleep. This is a godsend for women in the hot summer time, when you want to look attractive with a minimal makeup on your face. Биоламинирование ресниц в Калининграде

Advantages of biolamination of eyelashes:

  • Lashes take a new form, acquiring a beautiful bend, even if it was absent before.
  • It appears a natural shine.
  • Eyelash growth is greatly accelerated due to activation of the bulbs.
  • Increasing the power of the eyelashes, they become denser.
  • Eyelash structure acquires its former strength that was lost due to the use of cosmetics.
  • The skin around the eye penetrates useful components.
  • When laminating the view takes on a new expression and creates the effect of eyelash extensions.
There are contraindications. Need expert advice.