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Нет тяжелее работы, чем стараться выглядеть красивой с восьми утра до полуночи. Брижит Бардо
Глаза — зеркало души. Народная мудрость

Unique technology of pseudoblepharoplastic.

The only method that handles the upper and lower eyelids is - laser blepharoplastic.. bleforoplastika SmartPulse — “a smart impulse" is ideal for the skin. In SmartXide DOT THERAPY® technology it harmonizes processes dot elimination of the old stretched skin and stimulation the processes of cell activity and the production of collagen and elastin, with the normalization of the skin functions.

Indications for DOT-blepharoplastic procedure

With DOT-blepharoplastic possible successful treatment of age-related changes in the skin around the eyes:
  • "crow's feet",,
  • lack of elasticity,
  • sagging eyelid,
  • swelling of the upper and lower eyelids.

DOT-blepharoplastic. Contraindications

  • cancer history,
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation,
  • skin diseases in the acute stage,
  • viral infection.

DOT-blepharoplastic. Recommendations

Before the procedure:  As a rule, a particular preparation before the procedure is not required. If you plan a laser resurfacing of the face, it is advisable to make cleaning procedures for the face, easy peeling. After the procedure: The doctor will explain how to properly care the face after the procedure. CICAPLAST BALM B5 should be applied, face to be irrigated with a thermal water. Doctors recommend drugs that eliminate the swelling, redness, allow you to reduce the time of rehabilitation.
There are contraindications. Need expert advice.