Hairdressing services – Hair straightening with keratin

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Hair straightening with keratin & hair repair

The image laboratory "Beauty Formula" in Kaliningrad offers to its customers a method of keratin hair straightening which received very positive feedback from professionals hairdressers. During the procedure of keratin hair straightening keratin fills the pores in the hair, especially in areas previously affected by chemical exposure, such as in coloring, lightening, highlighting or chemical straightening. The more weak or damaged hair, the more the effect of keratin recovery. The hair recovers its structure, becomes thicker and heavier, it has a healthy glow, the hair fills with keratin, porosity of the structure and accordingly fluffy hair disappears..
Кератиновое выпрямление волос. салон в КалининградеКератиновое выпрямление волос. салон в Калининграде


  • long pronounced effect (up to 5 months with proper care)
  • no chemical attack at the time of the procedure
  • it is composed of components of the Dead Sea, extracts and oils of 14 plants
  • It is a treatment and recovery of both surface and an inner layer of hair (more intensive recovery than during lamination)
  • thermal protection from the effects of high temperature ironing
  • the procedure can be performed after a permanent, and any type of coloring
  • after straightening procedure the hair can be colored (a week after)
  • after procedure the styling is reduced on average by 75%
  • no restrictions on frequency of use (13 years)
Кератиновое выпрямление волос до и послеКератиновое выпрямление волос до и после

Technology of the hair straightening with keratin in Kaliningrad

Keratin hair straightening is exceptionally a salon procedure and can not be done alone. A shampoo to wash your hair before applying the mask and the keratin mask itself are used for the procedure. After the procedure is necessary to use a special shampoo for home care. The procedure takes 1.5-2 hours and includes the steps of preliminary hair washing, drying, applying the agent, drying, iron-straightening. After the procedure needed to follow the rules of the hair care. For more permanent effect it is necessary to prevent the ingress of moisture into the hair for 24-48 hours after the procedure. For the hair wash within duration of the effect of the procedure (3 to 5 months) is necessary to use a special, sulphites free shampoo from your home line. As a result of the procedure of keratin hair straightening we get restored and smoothed hair, easily maintained independently. Styling becomes easy and fast, this task now takes just 5-10 minutes using a dryer and brush. You can use familiar tools - balms, serums, masks; hair can be dyed, curled and styled.