Treatment and SPA procedures

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SPA-manicure “Cuccio Naturale"

"Cuccio Naturale" - a unique line of a SPA-manicure SPA and SPA-pedicure, based on a combination of vegetable and fruit acids. Line “Cuccio Naturale” has been created for those who wish to have beautiful,well-manicured, young hands with healthy nails without plastic surgery. Спа - маникюр в Калининграде Peeling, wrap, massage, hydration, nutrition, recovery - these are just some possibilities of production "Cuccio Naturale". After procedure with means "Cuccio Naturale" your client, perharps, first time will feel what the skin can be. Unbelievable feeling of soft, hydrated and well maintained skin. The preparations contain the selected herbal ingredients that best provide protection, nourishment and rejuvenation of your hands. Complete line of products offers several types of services that you can recommend to each client individually. SPA-treatment from “Cuccio Naturale” is a useful, pleasant, relaxing treatment for busy, dynamic people who need a rest.