LPG on the face

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LPG on the face (vacuum-roller facial massage)

One of the most popular and demanded procedures of hardware massage for the face is LPG - liftmassage. At the core of the procedure is developed and further enhanced by LPG SYSTEMS – cosmechanics. LPG лица в Калининграде. Вакуумный массаж лица During vacuum massage procedure occurs an active stimulation of the connective tissue, accelerated metabolism, increased production of collagen and elastin. LPG – liftmassage is:
  • elimination of double chin
  • complexed improvement
  • elimination of edema
  • taut face oval
  • activation of collagen and elastin
  • natural renewal of skin cells
  • rehabilitation after plastic surgery
The procedure completely painless. The course of procedures is prescribed individually after consultation with the doctor, but not less than 10 procedures, 1 - 2 times a week. Ideal for people with herniated periorbital. There is also a special program for breast and neck skin. It is especially in demand among young mothers, after breastfeeding, and with the active weight loss.

Lipo-lifting facial massage

The advantage of this procedure - no currents are used. Deep treatment of muscles and subcutaneous fat. Lipo-lifting massage, same as facial LPG, have the most positive feedback from both experts and clients. Липолифтинговый массаж лица в Калининграде


  • tone reduction
  • excessive fat deposition in the double chin area
  • periorbital hernia, swelling
  • dull color of the face
  • wrinkles

LPG – vacuum-roller facial massage in Kaliningrad (video):

LPG – vacuum-roller facial massage with chromatherapy:

There are contraindications. Need expert advice.