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Masters of manicure of the image laboratory "Beauty Formula" will help you to make a compelling fashionable manicure. In our manicure center we use only the best gels-polishes which not only look great, but are absolutely harmless and very resistant.

Shellac gel-nail polish

shellac Центр маникюра ногтей в калининграде. Мастера маникюра Remove, clean and go for vacation, if you wish! Manicure in the image laboratory "Beauty Formula" in Kaliningrad will help to make your nails not only beautiful (beautiful fashionable manicure, including a French manicure), but will make your nails stronger and healthier. This is the first hybrid nail polish and gel which combines the best properties of the nail polish (ease application, bright glitter, richness of color) and gel (no smell, resistance, non-destructive) in one bottle. This fantastic new product is created in accordance with the principle of "simple application - perfect resistance - instant removal." About all the merits of the order: Easy application:: Shellac gel nail polish is ideal for manicure by its application - same as an ordinary nail polish from the bottle with brush. Differently from ordinary nail polish Shellac dries completely, polymerizing, as a gel in the UV lamp. This eliminates issues such as oiled finish. Nails with Shellac are very light, like nails with polish, and do not weigh as within the modeling. They look impressive! Simple removal: Shellac - in contrast to the gel is removed as a polish in few minutes without additional sawing with a special liquid to remove the artificial nails. A preparation does not damage the natural nail and does not require a break in wearing. Masters of manicure in our center will help to make you a fashionable beautiful manicure (including a French manicure) which will make you irresistible and cause other people to pay attention to you.


EMi-маникюр в Калининграде EMi-маникюр в Калининграде

VINYLUX - professional weekly nail polish

A novelty from American company CND, the creator of the world-renowned Shellac-VINYLUX professional weekly nail polish. What are its features and why is it so called? image-venylux-full-width

Features VINYLUX

New nail polish VINYLUX of CND holding on nails a week and becomes stronger with each passing day. It consists of no harmful substances such as toluene, and formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate. Unlike our usual nail polishes and lacquers Shellac VINYLUX is applied in two stages - directly to the nail (without base) and secured with a top finish. In other words, a color coating performs the role of the base layer and the role of colored polish, and the topcoat, because of photo-initiators, allows manicure continuously harden 7 days, i.e. day by day. Color Palette (at the moment) is represented in 62 colors, 30 of which - matt and 41 shades which are identical to the colors of Shellac. The seasonal collections in shades of these means will be the same.

Benefits VINYLUX:

  • It completely dries in 10 minutes.
  • The duration of its "life" on the nails - a record - 7 days.
  • The coating is removed as an ordinary nail polish.

For whom is suitable VINYLUX nail polish?

This polish suits for those who have good nails which do not require neither a complete transformation, nor a strengthening. For those who like to change the color of the coating on a weekly basis at home or in a beauty salon.

How to remove VINYLUX?

To remove the coating from the nails you will need ordinary acetone liquid and a little time, 1 minute, like when removing normal polish.


Инновационное покрытие для маникюра рук Harmony Innovative polish coatings from Harmony - a the perfect nail manicure every two weeks. Gel polishes Harmony Gelish established as an excellent and harmless alternative to traditional nail polishes, combining easy application and durability. Thanks to the special formula Harmony Gelish stick on natural nails up to 14 days, do not cleave, do not flake or crack.

OPI nail polishes in Kaliningrad

Лак OPI в Калининграде Imaginary strategy of the company - to provide the best technology and the most recent developments, combining high quality and safety of the product with its affordable price, so professionals all over the world prefer the OPI products. Exclusive patents for branded products confirm the inexhaustible creativity of the company, and several modern lines for modeling of nails, the most extensive range of products for the restoration of the natural nail and the famous collection of OPI polishes and Nicole cause an envy and admiration even among competitors.


Gel polish Cat's Eye - the latest fashion! This is a unique kind of magnetic coatings. They form the original drawings on the nail, even if the cover - one shade. Anyone knows the beautiful perfectly aligned horizontal and vertical stripes or zigzags, which are difficult to create with the help of the art of painting. Кошачий глаз в Калининграде But to create the effect of imitation of chrysoberyl, more known to us under the name of "cat's eye", is learned quite recently. And now you can enjoy the beautiful recognizable glare, shimmering on the surface of the nails. What could be finer than to decorate the nails as an exact repetition surprising effect of semiprecious stones? It is the perfect accompaniment to a gorgeous ring or bracelet with cat's eye.

Manicure in Kaliningrad (video):