Melsmon – therapy

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MELSMON - therapy -is an injective introduction of preparations containing placenta hydrolysate. This active substance is obtained from natural placenta with the latest biological nanotechnology created by Japanese specialists. Principle of operation - its elements run recovery mechanisms of altered, damaged and worn-out cells. Мелсмон терапия в Калининграде (плацентарная мезотерапия)

Aesthetic effects::

  • recovering the composition and structure of the skin - by increasing the regenerative processes of the extra-cellular matrix, enhancing micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage, increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastane;
  • improving tone and elasticity;
  • normalizing humidity and color of the skin;
  • whitening effect - most of the hyper-pigmentation areas disappear and stops the formation of senile pigmented spots;
  • improving the condition of nails and hair.
The procedure is best to conduct within the course: In the first month - 2 ampules per week In the second month - 1 ampule per week Cost of the procedure can be found in our price list >>>. Плацентарная терапия. Профилактика раннего климакса Interesting fact:The 60-year-old Japanese woman looks like 40 and the average age of menopause in Japan moved to 65. After postponing of climax "for later", ladies are engaged in a much more interesting things - take care of themselves and travel. Some in mature age even use a chance to experience the joy of motherhood.

First! Prevention of menopause:

Melsmon allows not only prevent early menopause, but to preserve and extend the reproductive age. The course is held 1-2 times a year, starting from 35-40 years: 2 weeks to 2 ml. 2-3 x per week Chronic fatigue syndrome of "professional burnout": 1 week 1 ampule every other day 2-12 months 1 ampule x 1 time per week

Melsmon in cosmetology: "to look younger by 10 years"

Unlike conventional drugs, Melsmon natural components do not cause any harm and do not interact with other drugs. Getting under the skin, Melsmon are naturally included in the metabolic processes: adjust the disturbed functions, protect, promote healing and general immunity. The preparation demonstrates multi-directional rejuvenating effect. It is rejuvenating, but not imitating the youth.
There are contraindications. Need expert advice.