Body care procedures – Mesotherapy

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Мезотерапия тела в КалининградеМезотерапия тела до и после

Mesotherapy of the body

It seems, what may be easier - to return graceful forms to our figure. To do this we need only to remove fat deposits that have accumulated in local areas - mainly in the thighs and abdomen. But the fact is that it is not simple to remove the fat from the cells in these areas of the body. Our body willingly consumes fat with minor, from his point of view, areas - the upper torso area, arms, cheeks, but with the fat on the abdomen and hips it does not want to part. So, to get the fat break down in the right places you need to have a stimulating effect on these areas - a course of injections of lipolytics – a substance which starts the fat burning with producing of energy needed for the whole body. It is also necessary to use of lymphatic drainage medications and veins tonics. Mesotherapy helps to solve two problems at once: to deal with cellulite and restore a lost tone of the skin. At the same time an effect after the course remains for long time without additional therapy and injected drugs also have a positive effect on the entire body – a drug, included into the anti-cellulite mesococktail, destroys the subcutaneous fatty tissue (lipolytic) and components eliminating stagnation of lymph, improving blood circulation, removing puffiness. Mesotherapy is performed on the body 1 time per week 8-10 procedures. It is desirable to combine mesotherapy course with a massage.

Меsotherapy against cellulite in Kaliningrad (video):

There are contraindications. Need expert advice.