Face care

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We are pleased to offer the best that is in professional beauty. Massage Techniques:
  • Russian classical school of modeling massage
  • massage Jacquet
  • lymphatic drainage
  • hiromassage (Spanish School)
  • massage Gua-sha (Chinese spoons)

From medicine to aesthetic care

Well known surgeon and stem cell therapy expert, Nobel laureate Alexis Carrel and eminent biologist gerontologist professor Ericson were among the first scientists in France who used the cell therapy in cosmetology in order to effectively influence the aging process Ericson Laboratoire (France) — the only company that uses method of criogenisation of products (deep freeze). It is the only brand in which propose you to try frozen creams with live cell extracts. The products do not contain preservatives, hypoallergenes.


    • Crio-cellular rejuvenation and protection of cellular DNA against aging
    • Anti-aging treatment with caviar concentrate
    • Phytoestrogens, recovery and hydration
    • Supreme DHE. Age – intensive rejuvenation (plant analogue of youth hormone DHEA isolated from the rhizomes of the wild yam).
  • Modeling of facial contours, reduction of fat deposits in the cheeks, a double chin area
  • Intensive treatment for dehydrated skin. For the invention of moisturizing factor biologist Peter Agry, worker of Ericson Laboratoire, was awarded the Nobel Prize!
  • For oily and problematic skin care
  • Acne treatment
  • Sensitive skin care
  • Care for the eye area
MESO-VIT в Калининграде
MESO-VIT alternative mesotherapy. Stimulation of collagen synthesis, lifting, improvement of the face color, the skin recovery after a course of mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, laser therapy.
  • Viva milk - live nutrition cosmetic on the basis of lactic biometabolites. An individual cream is created in a beauty salon by cosmetologist in your presence, basing on the individual needs of your skin
    • "city" stress skin
    • dry, dehydrated skin
    • dull color of the face
    • wrinkles
    • limp, lifeless, atonic skin
    • oily and combinated skin
  • An intensive skin hydration procedure HYDRA CLINIC
    • intensive moisturizing and skin regeneration after sunburn
    • smoothing of the fine mesh wrinkles
    • lifting effect

YON-KA in Kaliningrad

For fans of eco-friendly products, we recommend to try the French brand YON-KA. Leader in the field of modern aesthetic phyto-aromatherapy, YON-KA uses to create its cosmetic formulas the most precious produce plants: crystal pure essential oils, sun-filled energy. Skin care from YON-KA - is not only fabulous results, but also incomparable pleasure!
Yon ka в Калининграде

For women:

  • Aroma pause - instant beauty
  • Aroma flash
  • Deep cleansing
  • Intensive moisturizing of skin
  • Bio-lifting, correction of facial contours
  • Intensive update
  • Eye Care
YON KA для мужчин в Калининграде

For men:

  • Intensive hydration
  • Rejuvenating bio-lifting
  • Fitness for skin

Care with Cell Fusion C in Kaliningrad

Cell Fusion C -professional cosmetical line of severe exposure, aimed at the normalization of metabolic processes in cells of the skin. уходы cell fusion в Калининграде Drugs “Cell Fusion C”:
  • provide targeted delivery of a controlled depth of biologically active component to target cells;
  • restore and normalize the function of the skin;
  • provide a prolonged effect;
  • hypoallergenic and do not contain toxic surfactants, solvents, fragrances and preservatives violating the integrity of the epidermal barrier.
Nowadays the number of people with problematic skin is constantly growing. More and more attention is drawn to cosmetics, restoring the integrity of the epidermal barrier and skin structure as a whole. Notable among them are drugs “Cell Fusion C” with nanoliposomal transdermal delivery system of encapsulated active substances. As active substances used are pure vitamins (C, A, E, K), molecular oxygen, NMF natural moisturizing factor, amino acids, glycosaminoglycans, coenzyme Q10, peptides, ceramides, cytokines bioplatsenta, vegetative growth factor, idebenone, hydrolyzed collagen, and elastin, bioflavonoids. Cosmetical line “Cell Fusion C” contains a number of essential components, providing the intracellular penetration of nutrients. It is microsponges, cyclodextrins and double liposomes - structures that perform the function of couriers, including skin nutrients and taking them to the depths of the skin. Nanocosmetic “Cell Fusion C” does not contain harmful substances - preservatives and dyes, as well as substances that can cause allergy. Designed for professional skin care programs of the face aimed to solve a wide range of dermatological problems:
  • skin aging,
  • pigmentation,
  • rosacea,
  • dehydration,
  • acne.
Drugs restoring the epidermal barrier and the structure of problematic skin, significantly reduce the period of recovery after plastic surgery and invasive procedures. The formulations do not contain cytotoxicity substances and substances breaking the integrity of the epidermal barrier, surfactants, solvents, fragrances and preservatives.


The symbol of the company became a swan - a noble bird, harmoniously moving on the water surface. Her legs, hidden under water and inaccessible gaze, embody fruitful work of talented people who have created about 700 names of cosmetic masterpieces, allowing to carry out about 70 different professional procedures and almost 500 complementary care products to retailers. germaine de capuccini купить в Калининграде Currently GERMAINE de CAPUCCINI - one of the most popular brands in the beauty and health of the empire, which is among the seven largest world's leading manufacturers of cosmetic products, following the European quality standards of production and strict Spanish law prohibiting the use of hormones to create cosmetics. It is high quality products, backed by ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System, their constant update and improvement has won the recognition of the brand GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI in the world. Today the factory in Alcoy, southern Spain, equipped with the latest technology, occupies an area of 18 000 sq.m. Here, using the most advanced technology to meet the highest requirements of the EU at all stages of production, more than two hundred of professionals, creating perfect products for face and body skin care. GERMAINE de CAPUCCINI boasts an impeccable history, based on trust and loyalty more than 10 thousand SPA in 84 countries around the world, including hotels of Hilton, Sheraton, etc. At the peak of the global appeal of the Spanish cosmetic brand GERMAINE de CAPUCCINI - a symbol of health, beauty and impeccable taste. Enjoy the luxury of the most modern cosmetics.
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