DOT-rejuvenation, laser resurfacing of a face skin

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DOT rejuvenation or Dermal Optical Thermolysis  — the ultra-efficient modern technique of laser rejuvenation, based on the principle of fractional (selective) impact on the patient's skin.

Characteristics of Dermal Optical Thermolysis

A huge number of tiny thermal damages of the epidermis by a laser beam - "point impact - dot” - helps launching a process of neocollagenesis process (the formation of new collagen) and, as a consequence:
  • Improvement of the appearance of skin
  • Appearance of elasticity and tone
  • Reduction of irregularities on the skin surface
  • Reduction of wrinkles

Indications for the procedure DOT - rejuvenation

DOT-rejuvenation can successfully deal with age-related skin changes:
  • with shallow wrinkles, pigmentation,
  • with lack of elasticity, decreased tone ,
  • with stretch marks,
  • with post-acne scars.
For the first time we have the opportunity to effectively impact on the delicate and rapidly aging areas like the neck, décolleté, hands. Also today DOT therapy is the most effective way to deal with stretch marks, post-acne scars. Dermal Optical Thermolysis is conducted on the laser units SmartXide and SmartXide2 manufactured by Italian company DEKA. Аппарат для дермального оптического термолиза SmartXide These systems allow to solve a variety of problems of patients from 18 to 75 years, and are completely safe. SmartXide and SmartXide2 conduct procedures, such as:
  • laser rejuvenation of the face, eyelids, neck and hands, earlobes (this is a very sensitive area, which gives the woman's age), the elbows and the inner surface of the shoulder;
  • laser skin resurfacing after, for example, acne, where multiple scars are on a skin, post-acne, scars after plastic surgery on the face and body, scars, etc.

How the procedure of laser DOT-rejuvenation is conducted?

  • For 40-60 minutes before the procedure, the doctor puts on the treatment area creamy anesthesia, which allows the patient to feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure.
  • During the procedure the patient feels quite tolerable sense of warmth and tingling.
  • DOT rejuvenation lasts 20-30 minutes, depending on the strength of the laser exposure and the value of the treated area.
  • After the procedure, the patient has redness and swelling which last in 2-3 days..
  • The total recovery period is 5-7 days, during which people can lead a normal life.
  • During this period necessary to follow doctor's advice for care. The rehabilitation period depends on the power of a mode selected by a doctor.
  • It is important to note that DOT-rejuvenation - this is not a single procedure. To consolidate the results, we recommend re-treatment after 6-18 months.

Results of procedures: photo before and after


Contraindications for DOT rejuvenation:

  • cancer history,
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation,
  • skin diseases in the acute stage,
  • viral infection.

Laser rejuvenation. Recommendation

. Before the procedure: As a rule, a particular preparation before the procedure is not required. If you plan laser resurfacing of the face, it is advisable to make cleaning procedures for the face, easy peeling. After the procedure: The doctor will explain how to properly care the face after the procedure. CICAPLAST BALM B5 should be applied, face to be irrigated with a thermal water. Doctors recommend drugs that eliminate the swelling, redness, allow you to reduce the time of rehabilitation.
There are contraindications. Need expert advice.