Nutritionist consultation

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Admission of doctor-dietitian

Consultations in the field of nutrition, the use of science-based food systems in various diseases, as well as advice on the surgical treatment of obesity in the "Beauty Formula" are held by PhD, Honored Worker of Health of Russia, dietician of highest category Stenin Alexei Nikolaevich. The doctor is an author of unique methods of weight correction on ambulatory basis, has an extensive practice of the treatment of patients with morbid (very severe) obesity forms, conducts treatment of patients suffering from bulimia and anorexia, and recommends carefully selected nutritional support of patients, undergone various surgery operations and disease. Over the years, Dr.Stenin headed the Clinic of Clinical Nutritional Therapy of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and in Moscow, under his leadership, reserved more than 10 master's and doctoral dissertations on modern nutrition, biochemistry and digestive power.
There are contraindications. Need expert advice.