Wight loss – Massage

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Massage in Kaliningrad.

Различные техники массажа в КалининградеFor those who prefer manual techniques, we recommend a massage with natural oil with added phyto-extracts and essential oils:
  • the overall therapeutic and preventive massage
  • lipo-structural massage
  • anticellulite massage
  • chiromassage
Антицеллюлитный массаж в Калининграде

Lipo-structural massage

This non-surgical removal of excess fatty tissue, aimed at correcting the proportions of the female body (hips, buttocks, "galife", anti-cellulite massage). During the procedure, the focus is on a deep study of the subcutaneous fatty tissue, ligaments, muscles. At the end of the massage the local wraps are conducted for rollover effect and fat burning. Course of 10-12 procedures with a periodicity of 2 times a week.


Today it is the one of the world's most popular techniques. Why did it happen? First, chiromassage finds its application not only as a medical procedure, but also as prevention of aging in general and in particular the face. As well as in a variety of aesthetic treatments, aimed at weight reduction, correction of cellulite etc. The results are so impressive for the clients that they unlikely to give up the masseur services. It is in our hands the secret of youth and health, and we know how to use it. Second, a wide variety of massage techniques and combinations thereof, and the patient will not habit to the tactile effects and 100% effect of the massage is always maintained. Each massage is not like a previous one, the arsenal of techniques is so great that a masseur will never repeat the course. This novelty of sensations favorable effects on the nervous system without causing any fatigue or habituation. The duration of the body massage is 1.5 to 2 hours with frequency of 2 times a week.

Stone therapy

Стоунтерапия. Антицеллюлитный массаж в Калининграде Massage with hot stones of volcanic origin. Stone therapy is a special massage technique with the use of various natural stones, based on the method of thermotherapy - alternating hot and cold effects on the body to obtain the appropriate response at the level of blood and lymph flow. Born by the ground, ground water, sun and wind, the massage stones are a source of natural and cosmic energy. Specific energy of stones eliminates tension and stress, neutralizes negative energy, redistributes energy from areas where it is abundant to areas where it is not enough. Every stone and every color carries a certain energy, provides cleaning and unblocking effect on the person. The main effect of the stone therapy is associated with increased metabolism, regulation of the autonomic nervous system, activation of the endocrine and immune systems.
There are contraindications. Need expert advice.