Fillers Surgiderm

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Gamma of fillers SURGIDERM – preparations of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, manufactured by Allergan (USA).

Benefits of fillers Surgiderm:

The main difference of the method of contour correction (contour plastics) using fillers SURGIDERM is absence of recovery period and long lasting effect. Филлеры surgiderm в Калининграде A line of products consists of three-dimensional molecules of hyaluronic acid created by an exclusive treatment method. This molecule prevents the removal of a hyaluronic acid at the location of the preparation, thereby forming a long-lasting correction effect. Fillers Surgiderm are highly purified products, 100% compatible with the tissues, hypoallergens, as they do not contain in their composition any protein structures, they are homogeneous in its structure and completely biodegradable. It is to almost no pain when introducing, and due to its plasticity forms a longer and a natural result. Fillers Surgiderm — absolutely safe and effective products to restore skin tone, contour and lost volume of tissue.

Indications for use of fillers Surgiderm:

  • horizontal forehead wrinkles
  • vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows
  • pronounced nasolabial folds
  • wrinkles at the corners of the mouth, above and below the lips
  • increase in volume and correction of the lips shape
The effect persists 8-10 months (sometimes 12), at a volume modeling - up to 18 months.

Results of use of fillers Surgiderm:

  • correction of nasolabial, glabellar, lips-chin folds, wrinkles
  •  increase of the lips volume, contour correction
  •  completion of missing volume in the malar area
  • correction of facial contours

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