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Radiesse – an injectable preparation based on calcium hydroxyapatite and used for removal of wrinkles and augmentation of the soft tissue, characterized by a long-term (more than one year) action. Hydroxyapatite calcium is a natural component of the bone tissue, so the filler is characterized by a complete biocompatibility with the human body. radiess-3-3 Same as its main competitor Sculptra, Radiesse was originally developed to restore the facial tissue volume of patients with AIDS. Furthermore, the drug is widely used in contemporary urology, dental and general surgery. Manufacturer of Radiesse - US pharmaceutical company BioForm Medical, which in 2010 was acquired by Merz GmbH. & Co., telling that main competitive advantage of this drug is a combination of two types of results: immediately after injection Radiesse works as a classic filler, filling hollow portions of subcutaneous and adding volume in the treated area (this step is estimated as 80% of the effect); after some time (2-3 weeks), the drug stimulates neocollagenesis - the process of formation of new collagen fibers, thus provided the remaining 20%, and the overall effect is maintained for so long.
Контурная пластика РадиессКонтурная пластика Радиесс

Possibilities of the drug Radiesse

According to established practice, Radiesse is recommended for patients aged from 35 years, having expressed skin aging or wishing to add volume in some parts of the face. With the help of the filler it is possible:
  • Remove all wrinkles and folds
  • Eliminate hypotrophic scars
  • Change the shape or increase the cheekbones, chin, cheeks and nose tip
  • Adjust the shape of the face
Thus Radiesse applied not only for the plastic of a face contour, but also for filling of a soft tissue deficit in any other part of the body (in particular, good results received in processing of a rear surface hand). In theory, the filler can be used to increase the lips, however, studies carried out in 2005 in the US, have shown that from the point of the physiological characteristics of the body for this purpose is much more correct to use products based on hyaluronic acid.
There are contraindications. Need expert advice.